African Ethnic Groups

SS7G4 The student will describe the diverse cultures of the people who live in Africa.
a. Explain the differences between an ethnic group and a religious group.
b. Explain the diversity of religions within the Arab, Ashanti, Bantu, and Swahili ethnic groups.

Essential Questions: Why is there a difference between an ethnic group and religious group? How has religion influenced cultural diversity in Africa?

Task: Choose one of the four ethnic groups below. You are responsible to research the following about that ethnic group:
1. Geographic location
2. Religion(s)
3. Origins/History (6-8 sentence paragraph summary)
4. Cultural traditions: How do they live? (Daily life, gender roles, food, clothing, housing, ceremonies/rituals)
5. Create an artifact, model of a building, or artwork representing that culture. Try to make it look authentic (like the real thing). If you choose architecture, you will build a 3-D model of the building. Find out how the real thing is made, in terms of techniques and materials used.



Arabs (Berbers):


Swahili (Masai):